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Using herbs to treat bad breath and body odor

Herbs can help get rid of bad breath

Bad breath is a symptom of poor diet, sluggish digestion, cavities, gum disease, sinus infection, constipation, smoking, liver malfunction, excessive dieting, dehydration, and post nasal drip. There is an array of herbs suited for each of these underlying conditions.

Green tea, parsley, and rosemary cleanse the mouth

Drinking green tea is a great way to get rid of bad breath. Parsley, rosemary, basil, thyme, sage, bean sprouts, and liquid chlorophyll (green drinks) are also excellent remedies. The chlorophyll in parsley and other leafy greens is a powerful natural deodorizer. A garnish of parsley on the dinner plate not only looks good, it is good for the breath when chewed.

Yucky food particles

Occasional bad breath is usually caused by rotting food particles which results in bacteria growth and can be greatly reduced by careful brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash. Don't forget to brush the tongue as it is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Use diluted tea tree oil for infection

Low grade mouth infections call for tea tree oil. Tea tree oil may be diluted with water or olive oil and rubbed directly on the gums. Brushing with myrrh powder is also an excellent remedy for gum disease and mouth sores. Just sprinkle a pinch on toothpaste.

Clove and mint oils help, too

Clove essential oil, powdered ginger, cinnamon essential oil, and mint essential oil make excellent remedies for fighting bad breath - just be sure to dilute before use. Chewing cardamom or fennel seed after every meal is a century old tradition for sweetening the breath. Cardamom is a popular Arabian spice well known for its antiseptic properties. Buy the whole pods, split open, and chew the seeds. Spit them out when finished.

Get vitamin C into diet

Vitamin C can fight bad breath by helping rid the body of excess mucus. Avoiding dairy foods can also help although adding yogurt to the diet may be beneficial. The acidophilus in yogurt balances bacteria in the stomach and aids digestion.

Rinse with apple cider vinegar and cinnamon or salt water

Many times a natural mouthwash is the best remedy. A natural mouthwash can be made by combining a cup of apple cider vinegar with a teaspoon of ground cinnamon. A few drops of peppermint essential oil may be added for extra strength. Rinsing with salt water is also recommended as a way to kill harmful bacteria.

Bad body odor calls for herbal deodorant and lifestyle changes

Excessive body odor is not acceptable in today's society. A daily shower or bath is usually all that is needed to keep body odor at bay. There are many natural recipes for deodorants. One calls for equal parts vinegar and aloe Vera juice. Another natural deodorant is cleaver tea. Cleavers grow abundantly in the North Georgia area and can be gathered throughout the year. They make a good deodorant when the tea is applied immediately after bathing.

Excessive body odor can be prevented with regular salt scrubs, lots of exercise, and a good diet. Proper diet prevents excessive build up of toxic materials that clog digestion. Eating fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, and other health foods can rid the body of offensive odors in just a few days.

* Always consult with your health care professional before taking any herbal remedies.

Fight bad breath with herbal remedies
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Herbs are great remedies for bad breath. Herbs and essential oils also help prevent embarrassing body odor.

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