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Herbal remedies for treating addiction and withdrawals

Treat addiction by detoxing the liver

Many substances are addictive and although quitting is not easy, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. One of the first steps when trying to kick a bad habit is to detoxify the liver. Whether quitting meth or cigarettes there are herbs that can help break addictions.

Diet is important. Eat only green leafy and yellow vegetables, citrus fruit, whole grain cereals (including oatmeal), fish, and legumes for magnesium. Include oranges, broccoli, green peppers, seafood, sea veggies, bananas, and tomatoes for potassium. Add brewer's yeast, mushrooms, and peas for chromium.

Drink lots of orange juice and add fresh lemon juice to tea. Vitamin C detoxifies the system, lessens the craving for drugs, and it enhances immunity.

Health foods such as wheat germ, bee-pollen granules, sesame seeds, molasses, and green drinks speed the process. Nuts, avocados, low-fat cheese, eggs, apple juice, and papaya juice are also beneficial. Supplement diet with vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B-complex, glutamine, tyrosine, evening primrose oil, omega 3 flax oil, and minerals.

Cleansing the liver is extremely important. Milk thistle seed tea with a few drops of passion flower extract is recommended. Exercise every day. Avoid smoke. Eat slow-burning complex carbohydrates and when possible, eliminate refined sugar, alcohol, and caffeine from the diet.

Herbs for fighting addiction include valerian and wild lettuce

Other remedies for easing withdrawal symptoms include valerian,wild lettuce, passion flower, or bee balm tea for nerves. Enhance blood circulation with hawthorn or ginkgo biloba extract. Drink rosemary tea to offset depression, chamomile tea for relaxation, and angelica or skullcap tea for anxiety. Honey or sorghum syrup may be added to tea for energy.

Oat straw tea is good when fighting all addictions especially smoking and nicotine withdrawal. A study conducted in 1971 shows that a tincture made from fresh oats can help people stop smoking. Another remedy for nicotine addition is essential oil of black peppercorn. Inhale the vapors when the urge to smoke strikes but do not take internally.

Use kudzu to treat alcoholism

Kudzu is known to help overcome alcohol addiction. Oriental cultures have used kudzu root for centuries to treat alcoholism. Preliminary studies on animals conducted at the National Academy of Science have produced positive results and plans are currently underway to study the effects of kudzu on people with addictive personalities. Down here in the south, we always hoped to find a use for the stuff so give it a try if you need to overcome an addiction.

Siberian ginseng helps fight cocaine and opiate addiction although should not be used in cases of hypoglycemia, high-blood pressure, or a heart disorder. Valerian root has a calming effect and when used with the amino-acid tyrosine, can be helpful for those undergoing opiate withdrawals.

Quitting slowly or going cold turkey - ask for help

Herbal treatment will vary depending upon the abused substance and overall health of the addict. To minimize withdrawal symptoms, withdrawal from any drug should probably be done slowly although some addicts may find it beneficial to quit cold-turkey. The task of quitting cannot be accomplished alone and professional help should be sought if at all possible. It helps to find someone that will hold the addict accountable for their actions.

If you are trying to overcome an addiction, seek help from clinics, family, and treatment providers. There are many programs available. In many instances a clergyman can offer spiritual direction and other sources of help. Assistance is also listed in the local yellow pages (under Drug Abuse). Searches on the internet can provide valuable information about various methods and their results. Remember that you are not alone unless you choose to be. Help is available.

Herbs can help with tobacco withdrawal

Medicinal herbs like kudzu can help fight addictions.

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