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Using wheat grass in herbal medicine

Wheat grass is taken as a fresh liquid or dried, powdered, and stirred into juice or water. Some sources say that fifteen pounds of fresh wheat grass has the nutritional value of 350 pounds of vegetables! Wheat grass is used in the treatment of cancerous growths and other degenerative diseases. It is an excellent choice for use in the treatment of tumors.

Regular consumption of wheat grass helps cleanse the blood, organs, colon, and gastrointestinal tract. Wheat grass stimulates metabolism and enzyme activity. It also helps treat obesity by stabilizing the thyroid gland and suppressing the appetite.

Chlorophyll is one of the active ingredients in wheat grass, along with enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. Chlorophyll protects from carcinogens by strengthening cell membranes, detoxifying the liver, detoxifying the blood, and chemically neutralizing pollution. Chlorophyll also helps counter the harmful effects of x-rays, chemotherapy, and other environmental radiation. Wheat grass is especially recommended for anyone that spends a lot of time driving in heavy traffic. The chlorophyll in wheat grass helps protect the body from harmful carbon monoxide and other vehicle emissions.

Wheat grass ointment is also useful in herbal medicine. When used externally, wheat grass ointments, poultices, and compresses help heal skin ulcers, eczema, and other itchy skin conditions.

Wheat grass can help lower high blood pressure. It relieves indigestion and helps stop the pain associated with sun burned skin. Wheat grass helps heal athlete’s foot, cuts, burns, scrapes, rashes, insect bites, boils, and itchy scalp. Take wheat grass internally and also apply externally to affected area for best results.

Wheat grass can be grown in trays and used as a sleep aid. Just place the trays near the bed for a relaxing night of sound sleep. (The wheat grass plants give off oxygen and generate healthy negative ions during the night.)

Wheat grass juice can also be used as a gargle. Use as needed to sweeten the breath, tighten the gums, and help fight gum disease.

Wheat grass contains large amounts of liquid oxygen which is a natural defense against aging. When taken on a regular basis, the herb rejuvenates cells and helps guard against wrinkles and sagging skin. It also helps increase fertility and sexual function.

Wheat grass juice may be used in the bath or foot tub. Properties are absorbed through the skin to benefit the whole body.

Wheat grass is the young grass of the wheat plant. It is harvested approximately 14 days after sowing the seed.

To grow wheat grass, first soak seeds overnight. Sow moist seeds in a pot of sterilized soil that contains no chemicals or fertilizer. Sow seeds thickly – they should be touching one another. Cover with a thin layer of soil and mist with water daily. When grass appears, place in a sunny spot. Harvest grass with scissors when it is 8 inches tall.

* Always consult with a healthcare professional before taking any herbal remedy especially if pregnant, nursing, or taking other medicines.