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Using herbal remedies for hair and scalp problems - hair and scalp herbs - herbs that help dandruff

Problems of the hair and scalp include dandruff, hair loss, premature graying, dull hair, dry hair, greasy hair, and itchy scalp. Many of these conditions can be greatly improved with the use of herbs.

Hair consists of protein layers that overlap like shingles on a roof. When they lay flat, hair is smooth and has a healthy shine. Damaged hair is dull and limp. Healthy hair depends on blood supply, circulation, and nutrition.

Many things can cause hair and scalp problems including poor diet, poor circulation, excess sugar and salt in the diet, lack of B vitamins, lack of essential dietary proteins, high cholesterol, glandular imbalances, chemotherapy, high blood pressure medications, stress, anxiety, surgery, liver malfunction, severe illness, anemia, hypothyroidism, mineral deficiencies, harsh shampoos, and excessive “beauty” treatments like coloring and perms.

Herbs for pattern baldness

Pattern baldness is usually a hereditary condition but may also be caused by stress or shock. Massage scalp with diluted sage essential oil, cedar wood essential oil, and rosemary essential oil before bed. In the morning shampoo well and rinse with nettle tea. Another remedy to try is arnica. Arnica stimulates circulation which is a key to healthy hair growth. Apply arnica as a cream to affected areas or use diluted arnica tincture as a hair rinse. Drink lots of nettle and burdock tea.

Another remedy to stimulate hair growth is southernwood (Artemisia abrotanum). Take tincture, infusion, or use as hair rinse. Nettle, rosemary, or sage may be added for extra benefits.

Herbs for dry hair

Dry hair indicates a vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin C, or zinc deficiency. Try taking a good vitamin supplement and massage scalp with olive oil. Greasy hair can be due to poor hygiene, overactive oil glands, or a hormonal imbalance. Try rinsing with lemon or vinegar water after every shampoo.

Herbs for dandruff

Dandruff can result from eczema, psoriases, or a fungal infection. Dandruff may really be just dry scalp. Massage with vitamin E oil or wheat germ oil every night. Shampoo and rinse with strong rosemary or sage tea.

Herbs for gray hair

Premature graying can be hereditary or linked to stress or premature menopause. Sage is the traditional remedy for graying hair. Drink sage tea and use as a hair rinse. Sage, rosemary, and nettle may be combined if desired.

Herbal remedies for the hair and scalp

There are many natural ingredients that make excellent hair and scalp conditioners. Plain yogurt is messy but makes an excellent treatment. Rinse with rosemary or thyme tea for added shine and wonderful aroma. Chamomile and comfrey are good for scalp irritation. Calendula adds body to hair. Oily hair calls for witch hazel and lemon balm applications. Use lukewarm water when washing and rinsing hair. Do not use hot water on the hair and scalp. Rinsing with cider vinegar balances hair ph and adds shine. Olive oil, lavender essential oil, and rosemary essential oil make excellent hot oil treatments when diluted with a good carrier oil like grape seed oil.

Dietary changes can help keep hair and scalp healthy. Eat lots of fresh veggies, fruits, whole grains, soy foods, onions, garlic, bean sprouts, horseradish, greens, eggs, rice, nuts, and seeds.

* Avoid sage in therapeutic amounts if pregnant or epileptic. Always consult with a healthcare professional before using any herbal remedy.

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Herbs can help heal hair and scalp problems

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Herbal remedies can help hair and scalp problems like dandruff, hair loss, and premture graying.