Tips for treating bladder problems and urinary tract infections with herbal medicine, essential oils, and home remedies

Cystitis, bladder, and other urinary tract infections affect millions of people every year. Symptoms include painful urination, frequent urination, cloudy urine, fever, blood in the urine, and backache. Medicinal herbs and home remedies can help!

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Bladder problems are often caused by improper hygiene.

Causes of bladder infections

Causes of bladder and urinary tract infections range from poor hygiene to overuse of antibiotics. Eighty-five percent of bladder infections are caused by Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria. This bacteria is spread from the rectal area when wiping the wrong way with toilet paper. Always wipe from front to back. When this bacteria passes through the urethra (the narrow canal that connects the bladder to the outside), it causes a bladder infection.

Antibiotics and bladder problems

Many times bladder infections develop after taking antibiotics. Antibiotics can weaken the immune system which is then unable to fight off infections. When taking antibiotics, always supplement diet with immune building herbs.

Build immunity with herbs to protect against bladder infection.

Bladder infections may reoccur when the immune system is weak. Antibiotics do not usually help in these cases and may actually attack the bladder lining. Try taking astragalus to build immunity.

Other causes of bladder and urinary problems

Venereal disease, endometriosis, stress, contraceptives, kidney malfunction, food allergens, aluminum cookware, constipation, and female deodorant products can all cause problems. Bladder infections can also be caused by waiting too long to urinate. The bladder is a muscle that stretches when full and shrinks when empty. “Holding it” can cause the bladder to stretch past its capacity trapping old urine in the bladder resulting in bacterial growth.

Herbal remedies like yellowroot can help heal bladder infections.

Many urinary disorders can be treated with herbal remedies. Various herbs are chosen according to their ability to reduce inflammation, soothe pain, repair damage, and flush out toxins.

At the first sign of a bladder infection, take yellowroot or echinacea tea. Increase urine flow by drinking lots of water. Chamomile tea, corn silk tea, dandelion tea, nettle tea, and fennel seed can help increase urine flow. Add flax seed oil, blueberries, celery, watermelon, green drinks, carrots, beets, cucumbers, and yogurt to the diet. Urinary stones call for gravel root (Joe Pye Weed), parsley, corn silk, cleavers, and couch grass.

Cranberry juice is a well known remedy for bladder infections.

Cranberry juice prevents bacteria from sticking to the bladder walls. Cranberry juice contains natural antibiotics and is an effective diuretic. Be sure not to buy anything labeled “cocktail” as it contains lots of sugar and apple juice or other additives. Try shopping at a health food store and reading food labels to find pure cranberry juice.. Also try D-Mannose for bladder and urinary infections. It can be purchased in capsule form at health food stores.

Avoid drinking citrus juice with urinary infection.

Acidic fruit juices, such as orange and grapefruit juice, should be avoided. Sugar, carbonated drinks, concentrated starches, fried foods, artificial sweeteners, salty foods, pasteurized dairy products, and red meat all aggravate bladder problems. Yeast products should be avoided during healing stages of bladder infections.

Massage and essential oils can help bladder problems.

Use sandalwood essential oil , juniper essential oil, tea tree essential oil , cypress essential oil, thyme essential oil , eucalyptus essential oil , or lavender essential oil diluted with olive or almond oil as a carrier and gently massage stomach area. These essential oils can also be used in the bath. For associated back pain try applying a hot comfrey compress across the lower back.

Old-timey bladder infection remedy

An old remedy for bladder infection is to immediately take one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water followed by 8 to 10 more glasses of water throughout the day. White wine at night is also considered beneficial.

Avoid bladder infections

To avoid bladder infections, urinate as soon as possible after sexual intercourse -- even just a few drops pushes out harmful bacteria -- and never use colored toilet paper.

Urinary incontinence is often caused by weak muscles.

Symptoms include leakage when laughing, coughing, or lifting. Do exercises to strengthen pelvic muscles. Exercising can really can help - try just squeezing upper thigh and pelvic muscles while driving or sitting at a desk several times a day. Exercise can really help stop embarrassing incidents.

Read more about keeping the urinary system healthy with herbs.

* Always consult with a health care professional before taking any herbal remedy especially if pregnant, nursing, or taking other medicines.

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