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Treating arthritis with herbs

Arthritis, rheumatic diseases, gout, and lupus can be helped with herbs

Arthritis is a connective tissue disease that affects 80% of people over fifty. It can involve the bones, joints, blood vessels, kidney, skin, eyes, and brain. Arthritis refers to over 100 rheumatic diseases including gout and lupus.

Morning stiffness in damp weather and pain during prolonged activity are common signs of arthritis. Redness, swelling, and burning are also common complaints.

Loosing weight can help fight arthritis pain

Causes of arthritis are rooted in lifestyle habits including poor diet. Natural therapies based on life style changes work extremely well when treating arthritis. Loosing weight can greatly reduce some types of arthritis conditions.

Other causes are calcium deficiency, gland and hormone imbalance, adrenal exhaustion, prolonged use of aspirin, frequent constipation, anxiety, and stress.

Suffering with arthritis? Try a change of diet.

A good alkalizing diet is recommended. Artichokes, cherries, cabbage, cereal grains, cold water fish, fresh fruit, vegetables, leafy greens, garlic, onions, olive oil, sweet potatoes, squash, eggs, alfalfa sprouts, white grapes, apples, celery seed, and parsley should be eaten regularly. Vitamin B, C, and E supplements should be taken daily.

Avoid all members of the nightshade family including peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, white potatoes, and tobacco. Mustard, salt, caffeine, colas, and chocolate should also be avoided.

Herbs like ginger and turmeric fight arthritis pain

Many herbs can help arthritis. Ginger, turmeric, and alfalfa can stimulate production of the body's cortisone. Yucca extract, royal jelly, and ginseng are also beneficial. Evening primrose, green drinks, and grape seed oil can work wonders. Sage tea, cider vinegar, and lots of water can reduce symptoms. Creams containing cayenne or cannabis oil can help with pain.

Flax seed oil can also help with pain management when taken regularly for three to four months. Warm Epsom salt baths can also soothe arthritis pain. Applications of aloe vera juice and wintergreen oil can often reduce inflammation of joints and bring relief. A massage with diluted lavender, lemon, frankincense, rosemary, or sandalwood essential oil is also an excellent herbal remedy for arthritis. Other massage combinations include eucalyptus and chamomile essential oils.

Herbal compresses can help arthritis pain

Sometimes warm compresses can give great comfort to aching joints. Soak a cloth in a decoction of prickly ash, celery seed, and rosemary. Apply as needed to the painful area.

Rheumatoid arthritis affects more women than men. The connective membranes become inflamed and damages bone, cartilage, blood vessels, heart, and lungs. Digestive problems, fatigue, anemia, ulcerative colitis, chronic lung and bronchial congestion, and liver malfunction can develop.

Fight arthritis by keeping your liver healthy with herbs

Stimulating liver function can help reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Burdock and dandelion tea are excellent for this purpose. Boil 1 tablespoon of dandelion root with 1 tablespoon of dried burdock root in four cups of water for 10 minutes. Strain and sip throughout the day. Honey may be added for taste.

Other recipes for the treatment of arthritis include alfalfa, nettle, and wild yam root tea. Black cohosh, willow bark and licorice teas are also highly recommended.

Exercise helps fight arthritis pain

Light exercise can really help arthritis. Swimming is an excellent way to loosen up, restore range of motion, and improve joint health.

*Always consult with your health care professional before taking any herbal remedies.

Adding cherries to the diet can help arthritis pain.
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Adding cherries to your diet can help heal arthritis. Also try herbs and essential oils like frankincense.

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