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Slowing the progression of Alzheimer's with herbs

Alzheimer's leads to memory loss

Alzheimer's is a traumatic, degenerative disease leading to memory loss and a decrease in cognitive brain function. Symptoms of Alzheimer's include memory loss, disorientation, especially at night, and possibly increased aggression. As the disease progresses, brain cells die and the brain actually shrinks in size.

Slow mental decline with ginkgo biloba and other herbs

The continual mental decline can be slowed with the use of ginkgo biloba or ginseng. These two herbs are known to improve memory and concentration. Lemon balm contains flavonoids that help improve memory. Rosemary, peppermint, basil, ginger, turmeric, sage, cat's claw, and wormwood essential oil also improve memory and improve brain function. Other herbs that delay the onset of Alzheimer's are bilberry, cinnamon, and evening primrose. Research shows that cannabis may also help delay the onset of Alzheimer's. Royal jelly from honeybees can also help.

Vitamins and good diet can help slow Alzheimer's

Herbs, supplements, and good nutrition can help slow Alzheimer's disease. Vitamin E, thiamin, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, fish oil, and acetyl L carnatine can slow the formation of plaque inside the brain which causes reduced cerebral blood flow and cell death.

Avoid red meat and include lots of eggs, soy, sea vegetables, whole grains, seeds, fresh fruit, and fresh vegetables in the diet. Add foods that are rich in B vitamins such as brown rice, brewer's yeast, molasses, liver, fish, flax seed oil, and wheat germ to the diet. These foods also block aluminum absorption.

Avoid heavy metal build up by detoxing with herbs

Many studies show that Alzheimer's disease is related to a build up of aluminum and heavy metals in the body and may call for a detox. Beware of fluoridated water which increases aluminum absorption by up to 600%. Purchase flour that does not contain aluminum as one of the ingredients. Buy aluminum free baking powder. Switching aluminum pans for cast iron or enameled ones can also be beneficial. Avoid aluminum utensils, aluminum foil, deodorants containing aluminum, and drinks that come in aluminum cans. Another tip worth considering is having silver amalgam dental fillings replaced. Some studies show that they cause mercury toxicity.

Most Alzheimer's patients have a noted tryptophan deficiency. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that cannot be synthesized by the body and therefore must be part of the diet . Eating poultry, bananas, cottage cheese, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, avocados and other foods rich in this nutrient may delay the onset of Alzheimer's or improve existing symptoms.

Not only herbs, but exercise can help slow Alzheimer's

Daily exercise can prevent or slow the progression of Alzheimer's by increasing available oxygen. Decreasing prescription diuretics and pain pills can also help. Many times there is a diagnosis of Alzheimer's when the problem is actually over-medicating with prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

* Always consult with your healthcare professional before taking any herbal remedy. Find out more about Alzheimer's at

Alzheimers and herbs

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Use herb like ginkgo biloba to slow the progression of Alzheimer's.

Tips to delay the onset of Alzheimer's Disease

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